What’s the criteria for adopters?

We have no set criteria for adopters. We judge each application on an individual basis and do not decide if you can adopt based on where you live or the height of your garden fence for example. We do however believe that dogs should not  be left on their own for no more than 4 hours, in saying that, if you work full time you can hire a dog walker or if family members or friends can come and check on the dog during the day that is  acceptable. Many of our dogs are fine with children, cats and other dogs. We try to provide as much detail as we can about our dogs before we advertise them. If you have a busy lifestyle and have children and/or other pets, we will need to make sure that you do have enough time to give to your rescue dog as they will need a lot of attention and some training! What we are looking for are loving, patient adopters who can also be firm if needed and set boundaries for the dogs as they need structure and routine as well as cuddles and fussing to be healthy and balanced. We also need to ensure that you can cope financially with the cost of a dog so that they have a good quality of life.

How much information do we have on the dogs up for adoption?

Rescuers will provide us with as much of a dogs history as possible if they know it. Some of the Romanian dogs will have been street dogs and others live in homes with the rescuers so will be around children, cats and other dogs. Our rescuers are very experienced in assessing a dog’s personality and this will be provided as accurately as possible but there are no guarantees. Dogs do tend to do really well in a home situation but our dogs do need time, patience and training as well as 100% commitment from the adopter in order for them to reach their full potential.

We aim to provide photos and videos of your chosen dog so you can see their personality and the way they behave in order to help you make an informed decision. We do our best to pick the friendliest and most likely to be adopted dogs to give them a better chance.

Are the dogs health checked?

Yes. Our Romanian rescuers only use vets they know and trust. The dogs are vaccinated against rabies, certain parasites and the usual UK vaccinations, in total they have 5 vaccinations and puppies have 6. They are vet checked when they are rescued and again before they travel to the UK. They are not allowed to travel if they have existing medical problems and until the vet says they are 100% better. When they arrive in the UK, they will have details of vet checks and vaccinations given before travel with them.

What is the process and how long does it take?

The process will usually take up to 4 weeks. Firstly, please take the time to read our terms and conditions then you fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire for the dog that you would  like to adopt, a member of our team will be in touch to talk about the process, make sure you understand exactly what you are taking on and  answer any questions you may have, we then  organise a home check. If everything is fine at that stage, we will then arrange transport.

Will a rescue dog be house trained?

Some of them will be and others will not as either they are too young or have never been in a home setting. They may also need lead training though we do offer full training/behavioural support for our dogs as we have a puppy trainer and dog behaviourist within the organisation and you can contact us at any time about any issues.

What are the costs involved?

All dogs cost: £295

Once you have chosen the dog you would like to rehome, an £95 deposit is required to secure the dog. Then transport is arranged and when confirmed, the remaining balance of £200 must be paid 10 days prior to the dog travelling.  If the dog is in foster in the UK, again the deposit must be paid to reserve your chosen dog and the balance paid in full before collecting from the foster home.

  • All vaccinations against UK & EU diseases
  • Treatment for parasites including fleas, worms & ticks
  • Spaying & neuter (if old enough)
  • Vet checks
  • Microchipping ( which you will have to change yourself through Petlog or Anibase)
  • Pet passport and TRACES documentation so that the dog is able to travel without quarantine
  • Door to door transport
  • Ongoing support from our puppy trainer and dog behaviourist

Please note: Unfortunately, due to the costs involved in microchipping and transporting the dogs, refunds cannot be given if you need to return your dog for any reason.

How long is the transport?

Transport to the UK can take up 3 days. The dogs are delivered direct to your door. Our transporters are very efficient and caring they come over on the DEFRA approved TRACES scheme. DEFRA should contact you within the first 2 days to check the dog and his/her documentation.

Allow the dog to have some quiet time in a quiet space as this may be their first time in a house. Some feel quite at home within a matter of hours but for some, especially puppies, the first two days can be quite traumatic. Within 3 – 5 days should notice the difference. Some of our younger dogs seem to experience a real puppy phase, at this point equal measures of patience, stimulation and consistency come in to play.

We ask that you allow a 2 week settling in period for the dog to adjust to you and your home and during this time we will not rehome the dog except in extreme circumstances. For some dogs, it may take longer to adjust.

Can my dog go off the lead?

If you put the time and effort into recall training then yes, eventually they can be let off their lead.

Your dog must remain in the home for two days when it first arrives. If you dog is very timid and scared, please use a dog harness as this cannot be slipped and is quite secure. Alternatively, you can use a slip lead with a normal clip lead for the first week or so. Some dogs are better than others and can be let off the lead when in a safe place. Ensure the dog will come when called before letting them off.  If you are out with another dog who is off the lead, they will usually copy them.

Will I need to change anything in my house?

When we carry out your home check, we will let you know at that point if anything needs changing. We will also check that you have a secure garden in order to keep the dog safe.  Fences need to be intact and high enough so they cannot  jump over them. Any gaps in the fence or holes to allow the dog to escape would have to be repaired before you will be allowed to adopt a dog. You must ensure there are no hazards around your house , i.e hanging or trailing wires wires, poisonous plants or aerosols/weed killer etc they can get a hold of.  All these can harm a dog and must be out of reach of your dog.

Introducing your new dog

Allow the dog some space and he/she will sniff and explore when she feels comfortable. If you have any other dogs in the house, put them all in the garden as soon as you feel comfortable as we find they are more likely to get along if they are introduced rather quickly.  Some of the dogs will not have been cat tested so do not keep your cat out of sight, allow your dog to see the cat and fuss the cat as normal whilst fussing the dog at the same time. Your dog will need some time to settle at night in their new home, you can use a small ticking alarm clock (like a travel size clock) and place it somewhere safe in their bedding, the ticking mimics the mums heartbeat and this comforts them. An adaptil plug in at night can also help relax your new dog.

How do I change the Microchip details?

The details should be changed as soon as you receive your dog by contacting Anibase or Pet Log. You will need to have your pets microchip number which will be logged in the Pet Passport.

Will the dog recognize their name?

Unless the dog has been in the shelter a long time, then no. You may change the dogs name if you wish though try to keep it a 2 syllable name eg Rocky or Mitzy.

What happens if I can’t keep the dog?

Initially, we do ask our adopters to give the dogs a period of 2 weeks to let them adjust to their new lives as there may be teething problems in the beginning that completely disappear within a week or two. If there are any problems you need advice on please do not hesitate to contact us.

If there is an untoward incident or unforeseen circumstance which mean you can no longer keep the dog, you must contact us immediately and we will do our best to rehome the dog for you or place him/her in a foster home if possible.  You can recommend someone you know to adopt the dog but they must go through our adoption process first.

​Please note: Unfortunately, due to the costs involved in microchipping and transporting the dogs, refunds cannot be given if you need to return your dog for any reason.

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